Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with flavors of Kimolos


Kimolos is one of the islands that belong to the Cyclades cluster and is located in the South Aegean. It borders the island of Milos and Sifnos, but also two smaller islands, Antimilos and Polygeos. It is 87 nautical miles from the central port of Piraeus and 85 miles from the port of Lavrion.

The distance from the other popular Cycladic islands is small, especially with Milos, which is about 1 km away. The strait that divides these two islands is about half a mile and is called Amoni.

How to get there:

In Kimolos one can first get by boat from the port of Piraeus, but also from the port of Lavrio. In these two ports, the ferry routes for the island vary according to season and season. Kimolos’s ferry connection, however, doesn’t just stop there! The island has a ferry connection with the island of Milos, while one can also go by boat

Ferry connection with Kimolos

The central port of Kimolos, Psathi, is 87 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus and 85 nautical miles from Lavrion. These are the two largest ports that provide a ferry connection to the island. The voyage time may vary depending on the boat you choose for your trip. Of course, the transition time is on average between four and seven hours.

Transfer by boat to Kimolos

One of the best and most interesting options to get to on the island of Kimolos is to get there by boat. By choosing your own route and choosing where you can tie your boat, the journey can take on a different character. The island has countless places to find and explore. A boat trip to Kimolos is definitely a unique experience.

Milos – Kimolos ferry connection

The Milos-Kimolos ferry connection is daily every hour during the summer months: From Apollonia to Milos – Psathi Kimolos in 20 minutes.

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