Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with flavors of Kimolos



Amphitheatrically built on the West side of Kimolos since 1993, there is a two-storey complex of rooms for rent and the Meltemi restaurant.

Its privileged location provides stunning views of the Kimolos Village, as well as a unique view of the blue Aegean Sea overlooking Poliegos, Agios Efstathios and Milos.

The experience of sunrise and the colors it gives to the landscape is something that the visitor should enjoy. Particularly impressive is the moonrise over Polygio and the full moon ready to seduce you into magical worlds.

Upstairs are the rooms and downstairs is the restaurant “Meltemi”, where you can taste dishes combining local flavors with Greek and Aegean flavors. Fennel, croutons, capers, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, savory black, red pumpkin, fresh eggs, extra virgin olive oil, local cheeses, meat of great quality, seafood and well-made pasta with wines from Greek vineyards.

Chora of Kimolos, dominated by Cycladic colors, is located at the foot of Xaplovounio and has about 700 permanent residents.

Chef August Galanos offers you unique dishes combining local flavors and flavors of Greece and the Aegean.

Fennel, croutons, capers, basil, extra virgin olive oil, local cheeses, meat of incomparable quality, seafood and well-made pasta.

The friendly family ambience and the services offered, ensure dreamy holidays at a reasonable cost.

The complex of rooms operates all year round with unique offers, depending on the space and period of stay, despite its already low prices.

Stunning views of Chora of Kimolos, but also a unique view of the blue Aegean Sea overlooking Polygio, Agios Efstatios and Milos.


Our Reviews


This is a family owed restaurant that has great food, lovely wine. We have tried both fish and meat dishes and they were equally tasteful! Very nice for a romantic dinner! Kind people, nice scenery and lovely music!

Aggela D

Delicious food with amazing service. We were a group of 6 people and we all loved it. The service was superb.


This restaurant is excellent. Only 5' walk from the village, with lovely view, inventive & tasty dishes, cosy & friendly environment. The owner/master chef : Augustis, a friendly, smiling, inspired, talented person is offering his best to satisfy his guests.

Katherine G

Πολύ νόστιμο φαγητό, ιδιαίτερες γεύσεις σε καλες τιμές και με πολύ ευγενικό κι εξυπηρετικό προσωπικό. Θα ξανά έρθω 🙂


Παρα πολυ καλο εστιατοριο. Οι γευσεις ειναι ξεχωριστες. Πολυ καλη η προσπαθεια του σεφ να βαλει στα πιατα του μια Κιμωλιατικη πινελια. Το προτεινω

Maria Louka

Τα πιάτα υπέροχα και με παραδοσιακές πινελιές! Το προσωπικό πολύ ευγενικό και φιλικό και η εξυπηρέτηση άψογη! Το μέρος με το αεράκι του και τη θέα σε ταξίδευε! Το επισκεφθηκαμε χθες 25/8.


Έχοντας δοκιμάσει σχεδόν όλα τα εστιατόρια του νησιού θεωρώ πως είναι από τα καλύτερα. Πολύ νόστιμες προτάσεις, όμορφα πιάτα, ωραίοι συνδυασμοί. Αρνητικό που δεν είναι σε πέρασμα και πρέπει να το ξέρεις για να πας.

Maria T

Πανέμορφο φιλικο περιβάλλον! Υπέροχα φαγητά! Και πανέμορφη θέα! Η σαλάτα κίμωλος είναι πολύ γευστική!!


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